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What going away to college REALLY means (AKA I move in on Saturday, so that’s a thing)

If you’re like me and are going to college for the first time, you’ve probably been waiting for this day for a while. You either are on-the-edge-of-your-seat-mouth-drooling-ready-to-run waiting or you’re cuddled-in-bed-hugging-your-mom-don’t-want-to-leave waiting. Or you’re a combination of both. This is a big transition for all of us; just when we thought all of the tears of graduation and leaving high school and the end of our childhoods were over, suddenly we are leaving most of the stuff we’ve known since we were young behind, and that really sucks. If you’re moving away, you won’t sleep in your bed for more than a month at least, you won’t get to hug some of your best friends for a long time, and you won’t have a home cooked meal in what will seem like eternities. We are watching all of our friends leave and grow up into adults but we still all relate to Spongebob in that episode with his Grandma’s cookies (don’t laugh, because you know EXACTLY what episode I’m referring to.) This is all really sad and sucky and you might want to cry and also its exciting and great and you might want to run far away and never look back. But, in my very inexperienced mind, have been thinking what going away to college will REALLY mean to us in the bigger scheme of things.

Going away to college means leaving our childhoods behind, but it also is us stepping through the threshold to the rest of our lives. 

Because hot damn, that’s really freaking cool. This is the first time we are semi-completely in control of our lives and we can make them whatever we want. Sure, childhood was fun and we will always have fond memories, but it’s time for us to take the world by storm.

Going away to college means really finding out who cares enough from high school to keep in contact, but also about caring enough to keep in contact with friends from high school.

You’re going to miss your friends, and sure, some of them will drop away and you’ll fall apart. But always remember that a friendship is TWO sided, and you have to put effort in too. 

Going away to college means being okay with just sitting in on a Saturday night with your roommate eating a weird combination of Popcorn and leftovers from the cafeteria and watching one of the Kardashian spin-off series’.

Because who wants to be out every night drinking and making mostly-regrettable decisions? 

Going away to college means being okay with going out and having fun and being social and making your four years great for yourself.

Because who wants to be in their dorm all the time doing nothing? Get out there. Join clubs. Have a good time.

Going away to college means knowing when to study and when to start writing that 5 page research paper. 

I think this will be important because high school is kind of like procrastination-nation and we’re all going to have to get out of that habit. Not procrastinating is a skill that will follow us through life and help us out a lot. 

Going away to college means knowing that sometimes, there are things more important than keeping your 4.0 GPA – like your health.

Speaking as someone who has worried herself sick about grades, I know I have to learn that it isn’t a matter of life or death if I ever get a C. It’s going to happen. We just need to live and learn and know that we did our best. 

Going away to college means taking care of yourself and your body while still trying to survive on 14 meals a week. 

I am so so so guilty of not taking care of my body. I eat horribly and don’t work out. But I feel like this is a time to change that and reinvent ourselves and work out and do all of that nice stuff. But also, we need to eat appropriate portions of food and not 2 cheeseburgers and 4 fruit roll-ups for breakfast.

Going away to college means realizing the things that are really important- like private bathrooms and home-cooked meals.

I know for a fact I’m going to miss my bathroom, but I don’t think I’ll know exactly how much i’ll miss it until I share it with three other girls. Because that is going to suck a little bit (or a lot).

Going away to college means realizing the things that are really important- like your parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins etc.

Self explanatory. You don’t know how good you have it until you don’t have it anymore. 

Going away to college means feeding your brain – not force feeding it. 

This goes back to that whole stressing about grades thing. Your brain can only take so much, and learning is healthy! But all nighters fueled by coffee, sprite, and cinnamon toast crunch is not good for you OR your brain. Give it a break. Get the appropriate amount of sleep and if something becomes too much for you to process, take some time off and throw a frisbee around or something.

Going away to college means realizing that these next four years are the last four years where you can really screw up.

Because after this, life gets like … real and stuff. And that’s scary. And sure, you can be late to class or make a regrettable decision or two in college, but if you do that when you have a real profession, you are screwed. So enjoy it while it lasts.

Going away to college means realizing that these next four years could be the best years of your life so far – but not even close to the best years you’ll ever have. 

Don’t waste these years away or take them for granted. We all saw how fast high school flew by, and the years only get shorter from here. Imagine how fast we will be graduating from college and getting jobs of our own. Make the most of it. But also, don’t make them the best years of your life. Know you have plenty of years after this to have fun and go to clubs with your friends and be a functioning member of society. Don’t try to squish it all into these next few years.

Going away to college means becoming a better person, and changing the world with all of the knowledge you will attain.

Because isn’t that what education is really about? (Or what it should be about at least…) We need to take what we get in these next few years and project all of our knowledge and new perspectives unto the world, because now is our time to change it! We don’t have to rely on the “adults” to do it anymore because now that’s us, and that’s really freeing and exciting. 

Going away to college means we are starting to live the rest of our lives, and that is an amazing thought. 

Here we go. Leave what’s in the past in the past, and look forward to the exciting and malleable world ahead! Never in our lives have we had such a huge chance to make such a difference. And to make a difference in ourselves. Life is now really what we make it. And I have faith that our generation can make a real change happen in our world, because we have the power to with just a click of a mouse, much less the voices that we have physically. We have no reason to not make this the best world there ever has been. 

So all in all, that’s what I think going away to college really is. And maybe I’m completely off-the-mark and totally wrong, but I can only hope that this is what this experience is going to be for us. And so, we step wide-eyed through the door and into the rest of our lives. I wish us all the best of luck and the greatest fortune and the most happiness, and I’ll see you all when we are college scholars. Peace, bitches.


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